FAQ – Frequently Asked

Apartment buildings have the right to install Skatolo within the limits set out in Art. 1102 of the Italian Civil Code without the prior approval of the homeowners’ assembly.
(Art. 1102 of the Civil Code (on joint ownership), as applicable to apartment buildings under Art. 1139 of the Civil Code, provides that: Each participant may use the common property on the condition that it does not alter the decor or impede other participants from being able to use the same.)
Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to submit the proposal for the installation of Skatolo at the homeowner’s meeting in advance, so that other interested parties may adhere to the service and share in the cost of the initial purchase.

Skatolo is designed for outdoor use and it’s weather resistant.
We highly recommend that you position Skatolo outdoors and near the entrance to the property, making it easily accessible for courier deliveries.
Unlike letter carriers, couriers don’t ring other doorbells to deliver a package if you’re not at home.

Absolutely! Skatolo is weather resistant.
All metal and electronic components have been designed to withstand exposure to rain and extreme temperatures.

Skatolo’s construction features, such as its brass anti-drill lock with three locking points and the thickness of the frame make it extremely robust and practically impossible to break open with common, everyday tools.
Nevertheless, Skatolo is not an armoured device that can withstand a forced entry with professional tools and equipment.

  1. Wall mounted using wall plugs (not included). We recommend No. 8 wall plugs that are suitable for the type of wall in question.
  2. Fully or semi-recessed in the wall. Skatolo can be installed in a niche created in the wall. It may also be partially recessed to limit how much it protrudes from the wall.
  3. Freestanding on a support stand. Skatolo can be mounted onto an underlying support stand, available as a separate accessory.
  4. Railing mounted. Skatolo can be mounted onto a railing with a fixing kit, available as a separate accessory.
  5. Through railing. To install Skatolo through railing, a portion of the railing will need to be cut and a mounting frame on which to fix Skatolo will then need to be welded onto the railing; the mounting frame is available as a separate accessory.
  6. Integrated within an Alubox multiple mailbox set. Skatolo can be integrated within a multiple mailbox set produced by the company Alubox (see www.alubox.it)

Yes, Skatolo is battery operated so there’s no need for any connections to the power supply.
Once Skatolo is mounted, it’s ready to go!
The battery has an estimated service life of 24 months but this can vary depending on weather conditions.
The Skatolo app warns the user when the battery is low and needs to be replaced.
Replacement batteries can be purchased on our online store.
Use only original Skatolo approved batteries to avoid any product malfunction.

SkatoloAdministrator” means the USER that activates the product for the first time.
It could be the building occupiers’ representative or any one of the individual occupiers themselves or even the actual property manager.
Generally speaking, the Skatolo administrator is the individual who looks after the activation codes, the emergency key, the guarantees, etc.

You must first register and create your free USER ACCOUNT on the www.skatolo.it website or via the APP that you can download for free on the APP STORE (for Apple) or PLAY STORE (for Android).
Once created, the USER can be associated with all the Skatolo products for which the USER has the product’s activation code.

The USER CODE is the code that the courier uses for the delivery.
You need the PIN to collect the delivered parcel.
In fact, when Skatolo is EMPTY, it will open when the
USER CODE alone is entered.
When Skatolo is OCCUPIED, it will open with the USER CODE (used for the delivery) plus the PIN.
In this way, only YOU can collect a parcel delivered with your user code.

Absolutely NOT.
When Skatolo is OCCUPIED it will only open with the USER CODE (used for the delivery) plus the
PIN, which only you know.
If you should need to share your PIN with others, for example, if you ask your neighbour to collect your parcel delivered to Skatolo, you can always change your
PIN from your user profile.

No, Skatolo only accepts one delivery at a time to ensure the safety of your parcels.
You can position several
Skatolo parcel boxes side by side and manage them with the same user to receive multiple deliveries at the same time.

By law, the courier is required to make two delivery attempts.
If Skatolo is OCCUPIED on the first attempt, the courier will return the following day for a second delivery attempt.
If Skatolo is occupied again on the second attempt, the courier will leave a missed delivery notice in the mail box, as is currently the case without Skatolo.
If this happens frequently because Skatolo is used by numerous users, it would be advisable to purchase another Skatolo for multiple deliveries at the same time.

When you make purchases on an ecommerce website, simply indicate in the address field or delivery notes field that the parcel is to be delivered to Skatolo, specifying the user code, as in the following example:
Example: “Deliver to the Skatolo parcel box, access code 123456

Registration is free of charge and includes a 3-month FREE trial period for all users.
At the end of the 3-month period you must take out an annual or monthly subscription to continue to use the product.

  • ANNUAL subscription = €49
  • MONTHLY subscription = €4.90

Both subscriptions are automatically renewed but may be cancelled at any time and at no cost.

Skatolo also works without a subscription but in BASIC mode, i.e. without connection, notifications and multi-user. This BASIC mode only works if there are no subscriber users and only with the DEFAULT USER and DEFAULT PIN supplied with the product.

Certainly not.
You can use all the
Skatolo parcel boxes to which you are associated, with the same user and a single subscription.

You can activate an SMS or VOICE CALL notification service, which is a paid service.
With the
SMS notification service, you’ll receive an SMS on the telephone number provided.
With the
VOICE CALL notification service, you’ll receive a phone call.
Both of these messages can be personalized.
Each of the 2 services is optional and the costs are indicated on the website’s
STORE section.

Skatolo can accept and ship parcels that do not exceed the following dimensions:

  • Maximum height: 51 cm
  • Maximum width: 35 cm
  • Maximum depth: 26 cm

If the courier cannot deliver the parcel because it is too big, he will cancel the delivery operation on the Skatolo keypad and leave a missed delivery notice in the mailbox or contact the user if contact details are available.

Skatolo can do both.
To return or ship a parcel follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the SKATOLO parcel box and make sure that it’s AVAILABLE
  2. Then RESERVE SKATOLO (the reservation will be valid for 8 hours):
    • Press the SHIP button
    • Enter the USER CODE and PIN
    • Select RESERVATION (user with parcel not yet ready)

Skatolo is now reserved for you for the next 8 hours.
Skatolo will send you a ONE TIME PASSWORD (OTP) by email.

  1. Go to the website of the courier (BRT, DHL GLS etc…) or Merchant (Amazon, Yoox, etc..) to manage the shipping or return. Indicate in the address that the parcel is to be collected from Skatolo and provide the SKATOLO ID and the OTP you received by email. (see following example)
    Example of text to enter in the shipping address:
    “pick up from Skatolo using code 12345*” (*the OTP received during reservation)
  1. Prepare the parcel for shipping
  2. Place the parcel inside Skatolo following these steps:
    • Press the SHIP button
    • Enter the USER CODE and PIN
    • Place the parcel inside Skatolo
    • You’ll receive an email when the courier has collected the parcel.

The Skatolo app will send various reminders to the user to collect the parcel, after Skatolo remains occupied for 12 hours.

72 hours after delivery the app will send a collection notification to the Skatolo “administrator” (the individual who has the key) to recover the uncollected parcel on behalf of the user, by using the key, thereby freeing up the parcel box for a new delivery (terms agreed by the user in the conditions of use).

As long as Skatolo continues to remain “OCCUPIED” new deliveries cannot be made.

It’s common courtesy and in everyone’s best interests to collect the parcel as soon as possible.

In the event of an emergency, we advise the user to ask someone to collect the parcel on their behalf, giving the individual their USER CODE and PIN. The user can then easily change the PIN from their user profile.

The key serves as an emergency opening device and can be used, for example, if the battery dies or to free up the parcel box should the user not have collected their parcel within the first 72 hours.

You can set up and personalize the actions for the alerts and the events only in the MY DATA/ACTIONS section of the website.
For example, you can add a new action, calling it
PARCEL DELIVERY, and decide to have the delivery confirmation sent to the email address you provided (free action) and by SMS (paid action).
You can add other actions, for example, if you would also like to receive a notification when the parcel is collected by you or by the courier, in the case of a return.

  • Tasto DEPOSITODEPOSIT Button: to make a delivery
  • Tasto RITIROCOLLECT Button: to collect a parcel
  • Tasto RESORETURN Button: to reserve and deposit a parcel for shipping or return
  • Tasto INFOINFO Button:to know if Skatolo is AVAILABLE or OCCUPIED

Skatolo is maintenance-free and only requires regular cleaning to ensure that it lasts longer.

To reduce the chances of developing rust, the product should be cleaned simply with a damp cloth at least once a month to remove any traces of dirt, such as ferrous metal particles or salt, which could oxidize and begin to corrode the materials.

You are strongly advised not to use any chemical products or detergents for cleaning purposes, as they often contain aggressive chemical preparations that could damage the product.

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